Thursday, June 5, 2008

TPMusings..Is A-musing Me...Dear God I Need An Award

So normally, as you all know, there is only one person I find truly funny in this world…and that of course, is myself. I have a friend however whom is now trying to rival me on the Blog Avenue. ..and let me tell you his cross streets and intersections are something to be taking a closer look at...and what does that mean exactly? ..I have no fucking idea.

So being "a friend", I figured I should debut his new blog,

Now I know what you all must be thinking…"Kim, you must be sleeping with this dude to even want to put any of his stuff up here.." And truthfully…no, we have actually not. But it is a question that even baffles Jesus sometimes.

I decided to do a “clips” version of his blog. Some “snippets” of his "blogism" if you will , a bit of “tomfoolery” …damn , where is my writing award? I entered my blog into the educational ratings last week and it came up as “elementary school”. Sweet, I always loved 8th grade.

TP does use the word "Belicheck" in his blog, which as you all know, will be the first time that name/word/sound has ever been mentioned on a site like mine.

But I digress:

Please find below some clips from and then go check it out for your damn self!

“The next guy is the VIP Club Bouncer......we all hate this guy, hes big, he has a shaved head, a goatee, and a guest list. If you re not on the guest list be prepared to wait to get in. Nothing is more of a downer than trying to have a good time on a Saturday night in the city until you run into this guy....This guy just has way too much power(which is a whole column I'm thinking up) and he wields it with the best of them, there is nothing more frustrating than your Saturday night being ruined by this guy......Fuck him, I don't even want to talk to him ......”


“Sex and the City fever has hit the female population of NYC this week, I keep reading articles everyday about woman from all around the globe spending thousands to celebrate the Grand opening of this event, cosmos, fancy hotels, and shoe shopping, right now this is the female super bowl weekend in Vegas, we go to strip clubs and gamble , they go get brunch, sip on 15$ mimosas and hit up Jimmy Choo later on. Now granted most guys look at this and feel emasculated by the amount of hormones in the air, they would never take a moment to watch this show because us men are a proud gender who would never submit themselves to watch a show about 4 women shopping and talking about guys, I mean the premise alone is enough to most men squeamish. I happen to be different in the sense that I happen to embrace the "horror" and in the following few paragraphs ill explain why it makes sense for all men to see this movie or at least watch the show............I first started really catching this show late night on TBS or WPIX, it was late, nothing else was on so I decided what the hell......and a funny thing happened, I actually began to enjoy it, it had its moments where i felt like my feminine side had gone way too far out on a limb, but it had its moments... the big thing is as I continued watching it, the more I realized it was cheating for men, and the more I watched the show from that angle, the more I realized this fact, I felt like Bill Belicheck before a Superbowl I knew the other teams playbook inside and out, I began to understand how females ticked….”

"The final guy on this list of people who just need a hug is your office IT guy, SNL used to have a great skit on it back in the day.....nothing and I repeat nothing is more frustrating interrupting these guys from a game of dungeons and dragons because your computer doesn't work and you hear the famous words did you restart your computer? Nothing makes my blood boil more than hearing that. After further review though, I do have some sympathy with the tech geek, not because I'm writing this column but because if I had to type in code all day which looks something like this 010101010111001010101, I think I would want a pat on the back and need maybe a hug, these people deal with the most tedious frustrating things and are on the verge of just shooting up the office at any moment. So before they do that maybe I can talk to them, come to some sort of understanding between I.T. and the rest of the office, so we can be one page........."

11 Cizz-omments:

T.P. said...

Thx miss kim!! , appreciate the shot Dwight!!

Anonymous said...

Just checked out the site. That guy is fucking funny.

You have a great career ahead of you as a blog pimp.

Wait. Is blog pimping a career? And if you become one, do you have to get a cool pimp name? Cause there's really no way to make Harry sound cool.

Kat said...

I agree I think you should blog pimp people out...and that dude is seriously on his way to a good blog..

T.P. said...

thxs a lot kat!! plan on writing up a few more in the next few days

just me said...

you know who also needs a hug?

That old lady on the train who's mean to everyone who tries to help her.

She needs a hug. And to stop being so mean.

NYCPonderings Chick said...

I agree Just Me..I also find 'angry constuction worker on the train' needs one as well!

no problem tom, I try and promote my friends, I am equivalent to Jesus

Anonymous said...

haha this guy sounds great, I am def going to check out his site, thanks for posting it!


MsPuddin said...

awesome. i will have to check it out.

come on, does t.p. have a big dick?

NYCPonderings Chick said...

MSP- HAHAHA I just spit out my coffee..... I-HAVE-NO-IDEA...i swear..but I will ask him for ya if you like..

T.P. said...

I just spit out my cofferr also!!

T.P. said...

is there anything better than weeknend at bernies?????? I would stop anything I was doing if it was on tv, its on a list of one of those movies that really arent good, but you just get sucked into watching them and feel full after watching them.....theyre like the happy meal of movies, theyre not necessarily good and your stomach might hurt after watching it, but you feel full....