Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When The Heavens Called Out and Light First Broke, In Otherwords, My Birthday

Look at this bitch, I bet she grows up to be real attractive,
someone please tell her that horse isn't real

So I am going to be out of commission until the beginning of next week, being that it's my birthday this weekend and all. Essentially I feel as though being drunk on only one day of the week is never enough, I hope to be more toasted than a cashew stuck in a homeless man's tooth.

And if you think I am going to tell you how old I am turning, that is bullshit, I wont...but if you want to go ahead and get all Nancy Drew on me, then I only have four words for you, 'Blogger Profiles'.

I own that dress

But back to my original thought, you should all know that Saturday night if you find me laying in a gated bush in the Meatpacking district, wearing some kind of glitter heels and a tierra, just know, I probably look better than last year.

Anyone remember when Toonces the Driving Cat drove the golf cart drunk?..... you people suck
(Update- Fine, fuck you, I guess he is driving a 'lawnmower')