Monday, January 28, 2008

Book Titles

So I have been pondering recently ("pondering"...get it?! ... yeah, neither do I) what I am going to title my first non-fiction book...besides titling it the obvious 'No One Loves Me So I Blog', I thought maybe I needed something more.

I need something serious, yet thoughtful... exciting, yet provoking, challenging, yet...not challenging? I don't know, but I figure that is why I have tell me how to live my life and what to title a please review the titles below and let me know what works for you, or if you have any ideas of your own...because sometimes, I think people who read my columns have actual thoughts in their brains...not always...but definitely sometimes.

Book Titles:
Old People Can't Use Computers: And other truths on life

Female Comedians: And other things that aren't funny

Old People Like Duane Reade: And life's other truths

Women Cry Like Girls: And other true events

Women Can Vote?!: And other things that baffle my mind

Skittles: I don't taste the fucking rainbow

Drunk Dial Your Way Through Life: A Guide

Jesus Wore Ugly Sandals: And other truths

Online Bank Statements: And other proof that Satan exists