Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well's about that I said before, change is in the air.

And yes, change can be scary...even good change can be scary...but sometimes you have to just close your eyes..plug your nose...and jump right into that ocean water and just hope you can swim...

So Ponderings is about to change.

I have been asked by a great blogger to become apart of a new site formatted along the idea of Gawker or Jezebel, a site where women post their blogs on the same page, so that you can not only read me..but other funny women as well....all on living, dating, and surviving as women in our 20's.

As of next week, when you go to log in to NYCPonderings you will AUTOMATICALLY BE FORWARDED TO THE NEW SITE!

Will I still be writing the same stuff?

Will you still be able to read JUST NYCPonderings Chick's writings?

How often will I post?
Three times a week.

What is the benefit to this?
For my readers to view other female writers and for the other writer's readers to be able to read my stuff...essentially if we all had 500 readers, we might now have put in simplified terms.

Look for the label 'NYCPonderings Chick'..on the new site to read all my stuff...and I promise to post just as often if not more..and for it to be just as hilarious as always...and most important, I still plan on staying ridiculously good looking...

There is a plausible new idea out there ....the idea that women are funny...yes, women, funny...can you believe it? ...And this new site is going to prove that. Because it is the year of the female comedian. So I am going to go put my clown suit on and I plan to see you all next week, same time, same place, just different site....hope you all enjoy!

For any questions feel free to email me anytime at

-Kim (NYCPonderings Chick)