Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Apologies..And A Picture Story

So I apologize my dear readers for being so distant recently...I have been a horrible blogger, waiting almost a week to repost, not commenting on anyone's pages..talking shit about all of you to my Mom....I have just been a bad bad blogger and I deserve a serious spanking...from someone whom is very very hot ...(I am guessing Cajun Boy, you might be up for this challenge?)
But I digress.
There is a reason for this and it is called having a severe, scientific case of, "moppyness". You see I am having what some people might refer to as "problems with the men-folk".
I don't understand what is going on with me recently. There have been many men in the past three months that have come in and out of my life , including a few ex boyfriends as well...and for some reason I cannot get a firm grip on anything. They all keep drifting in and out of my life like the bad service waiters at the Times Square TGIFridays who never bring you back the lemon for your water because all I wanted was a LEMON AND A DAMN SIDE OF HONEY MUSTARD!
Instead of going into some deep long post about my "feelings" and why I have been feeling so "depressed" recently and blahdiddy blah blah..I figured I would do a picture story...because AIN'T THAT SPECIAL...
SO recently I have been a bit of this:
Which has subsequently lead me to much of this:

Now to help myself I have gone with the timeless remedy of lots of this:

And some even more of this:
Which unfortunately ends up making a lot of this happen:

That is normally followed by some of these:

Which actually looks more like some of these:

Which is followed by more of this: