Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday's Deep Thoughts

Friday’s Deep Thoughts
As I sat in a long green meadow one day...which also looked alarmingly similar to a small downtown apartment... I started thinking about what was truly important to me. Things like; my looks... moisturizer...ummm, my looks?... I realized I wanted to share my spirit for life and living with others, as well as volunteer to help out those less fortunate than myself. I came to an important decision the best way for me to give back to society would be to date someone with a disability. But not a gross disability of course. Just someone with something small, like a missing arm or leg or something. That way when we walked down the street together everyone will look at us and think, “Wow. SHE must be a really good person…” I knew this guy once who only had one arm. He was pretty hot. I wouldn’t mind him only having one arm, as long as he covered it up at all times of course…I mean with a long sleeve or something.