Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Saturday- A Picture Summary

So many of you wonder, NYCPonderings Chick, how wild IS your life? And the truth is...ever spent a weekend at home knitting with grandma? ...Well it's kinda like that....

This was taken moments before she started dancing on the craft table
I would like to give you a full recap of my Saturday night. First I arrived to a Christmas party wearing this:

Which, one might say, would have been my first accomplishment of the night.
I then looked across the room and spotted this:

Twelve diet coke and Bacardi's later ...and possibly some Niagara gang-bang drugs.. I apparently became involved in a bit of this:

I was convinced it looked like this:

But in reality it looked more like this:

I apparently then took the nice gentleman back to my place...and that's when things really got wild...first we started off using this :

Where we got so hot that we decided to cook a lot of this:

Moments later we were involved in a just as wild version of this:

We then shook hands and he went back to his apartment building..
..*cough* college dorm room *cough*