Friday, June 13, 2008

Save Lauren's Heart . Com

So as you all know, I am normally not the sweetest gal when it comes things like "nature" , "animals" or "children". Normally I despise sappy moments and even shy away from being a "do gooder". But sometimes ...just sometimes...if yo get close enough to NYCPonderings Chick's hit a vein...and then it explodes...and there is blood everywhere and it needs to be mopped up or something...with a mop called "LOVE"...but enough about me for a change (did I really just say that?) ...and let us focus on someone else today.

Her name is Lauren.
She is 26 years old.
Went to NYU.
Worked at MTV.
Was just like you and me...up until now....she is suffering from a heart condition and has mixed connective tissue that causes her to be unable to complete normal tasks and is in danger of needing a heart transplant at the moment.

This is Lauren

No normal things like Manicures for this girl...

She has to fly back and forth to Cleveland for some treat meant..this is just one bill of many

From her website- Any contribution would help Lauren and her family on their journey of healing. Trips to follow-up at Cleveland Clinic alone are thousands of dollars out of pocket per visit. She will be going in July for her six-month follow up on her pacemaker procedure and continues to take many expensive medications. Lauren often spends her days dodging "800" calls to her cell phone from medical institutions asking for their money; she simply does not have it.

I personally will donate 25 dollars from every paycheck I get towards Lauren's fund.
Even if you could donate just ON NIGHT worth of beer/wine money that would really help.

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LisaBinDaCity said...

What a good girl you are. I am proud of you!!!

MsPuddin said...

I'd mop up your blood with my love *tear* ...