Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Oh how a change is in the air. It might be the election. Or the seasons. Or simply Nick Nolte’s hairpiece. But there is certainly and change and a spark going on in the universe right now.

And it seems as though everyone else around me is changing as well. People I know are divorcing… getting into new relationships…being fired...quitting...being hired...running away to the circus. You name it, I know someone going through it right now.

So what is all this big change, and what is your big change? Maybe we should all change something. Even if it is something small, maybe that one butterfly effect will cause some sort of tsunami in China…or something like that.


Change your hair color

Change your boyfriend

Change your status on facebook just to watch everyone freak out
Change your accent at work just to watch everyone freak out
Change your birth control method
Change the way you talk to your mom
Change your underwear

Change the channel
Change your sports team
Change the way you love someone
Change the way you hate someone

Change your political stance

Change your body
Change what you read
Change how you drive to work
Change how you walk to work
Change your subway line

Change your nephew’s diaper
Change someone’s flat tire
Change your dollars into change
Change the way you treat your friends
Change the way you look at your life
Change the way you look at someone you love
Change the way you look at someone you hate
Change the gas for water in your ex lover’s car
Change your style of fucking

Change your socks
Change your stupid cell phone ringtone
Change my mind
Change the way I look at you

....Don’t change what blogs you read.


6 Cizz-omments:

Sarah&Co. said...

I would never change what blogs I read! I love you!

sid said...

Never. I'm faithful to you Kim. Always.

Jocular Schlemiel said...

I won't change blogs.

Also, I can't pass up mentioning the fact that I see moose knuckle on the picture of granny panties.

kat said...

i am lovin those granny panties..i need to get some

surviving myself said...

Oh my god - that underwear is so hot!

That was a picture of you, wasn't it???

Subway Gal said...

Change your sports team!!!! Have you lost your mind?!?! You can't just do that. It's like someone asking to switch kids with you. Not cool.